Emily Kucukalic - How to Increase Your Presence and Impact

November 11, 2021

The Art of Personal Branding – How to Increase Your Presence and Impact
Presented by Emily Kucukalic

“During a BNY workshop, I received the single most actionable piece of feedback in my career.” Sarah Smith, WESTPAC Manager, Governance, Reporting & Communications, Transformation Team, Institutional Banking Services

In 1967, the now Professor Emeritus in Psychology at UCLA, Dr Albert Mehrabian, published what is now called the 7/38/55 rule. He found that our ability to make people like us was based: 

  • 7% on content;
  • 38% on the way that you say things; and
  • 55% on your physical presence. 

Today, we call that 93% our personal brand. The way that we can emotionally engage people to want to be on our team, want us on their team, want to buy from us, or simply like us.   

In the session, you will learn the science of personal branding, why your personal brand matters and some simple takeaways to help you build presence. 

Our program uses material and research created by the world’s leading authorities and institutions and combines it with our own marketing and branding techniques developed over three decades of working with clients.

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